In today’s episode, we’ll address employee turnover in firms and the solution of adding redundancy through cross-training and standard operating procedures to ensure smoother operations in your firm.

If you want a simple one-word solution to get rid of stress at your firm, listen below.

0:49 – High employee turnover in the firm caused extreme stress, financial loss, and uncertainty in client work delivery, especially if a specialist quit.

1:32 – Adding redundancy through cross-training and standard operating procedures can prevent the challenges of employee turnover and workload burden.

2:03 – When I started Future Firm, I had one VA, but after the VA left, I hired two VAs simultaneously, trained them together, and ensured they could fill in for each other.

3:45 – The team has added redundancy measures to ensure peace of mind and mitigate risks of personnel changes or specialized skill gaps.

4:10 – To mitigate the risk of someone leaving your business, develop SOPs, cross-train team members, and consider backup services.

4:35 – Adding redundancy in your workforce can eliminate stress by avoiding the need to retrain employees from scratch.

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