Firm owners can overcome capacity constraints by tapping into global talent pools, but you need to have the right approach for offshoring to work.

In this podcast episode, I shared my strategies and insights to navigate this transformative workfoce model successfully.

Listen Below.

0:58 – Many of us are swamped. The workload keeps piling up, and while it’s beneficial for our financial success, it’s a real challenge to locate the right personnel to handle it.

2:16 – I never utilized offshore outsourcing during my tenure running my firm, but it seems that offshoring has undergone significant changes recently. It’s actually one of the most active topics of discussion within my Future Firm Accelerate community.

3:25 – Two key reasons why I specifically opted for offshoring to the Philippines. The level of English proficiency is remarkable, and they boast a rich talent pool honed over years of experience in BPO.

3:48 – You might be wondering how to make offshoring work. Well, first, respect cultural differences. For instance, in the Philippines, people are generally more reserved.

4:16 – Let go of the idea of micro-managing across various time zones; it’s simply not feasible. Instead, we operate in an asynchronous manner.

4:34 – It’s all about results, not constantly monitoring the clock. We don’t rely on time sheets. instead, our emphasis is on producing results, maintaining work quality, and meeting deadlines.

4:50 – While offshoring can be cost-effective, I prioritize fair treatment and well-being. I offer standard work weeks, unlimited vacation policies, and above-market salaries to ensure my team’s satisfaction.

5:11 – If you’re targeting a specific country, think about having a local manager. My Director of Operations is also from the Philippines, and she’s indispensable in navigating cultural nuances and bridging gaps that I might overlook.

5:31 Foster curiosity about each other’s cultures. I share glimpses of Canadian life through videos or pictures on Missive and inquire about local customs and holidays in our meetings.

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