In this podcast episode I discuss how accountants can remain relevant leading up to 2025 using data from the new 2020 World Economic Forum Future of Jobs report:

Show Notes

0:20 – The World Economic Forum just released its 2020 Future of Jobs report which shows trends about work and jobs

1:28 – The third fastest job decreasing in demand: accounting, bookkeeping & payroll clerks

2:05 – The fastest jobs increasing in demand mostly have to do with automation and soft skills

2:35 – Stats on how much automation companies expect to have by 2025

3:50 – The soft skills around the human element are critical. It enables you to analyze data, to discuss it with your client. Just ask the $100M accounting services company that shuttered its doors.

4:30 – The top soft skills to learn by 2025 according to demand

5:40 – There are 2 paths accountants can take to remain relevant

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