Differentiating your services is a critical aspect of how your firm can stand out from the rest. In this podcast episode, I’ll discuss three simple ways to do it so that you can offer options for your clients at various price points.

Listen Below.

0:47 – In some of my newsletters, I talked about the power of offering 3 different options at 3 different price points.

1:06 – If you offer just one option, in most instances, you’ll probably underprice yourself just to land the client.

1:35 – By adding 2 more premium options, you give yourself a big advantage to significantly increase your prices.

2:19 – It’s important to reserve more premium features of your services for more premium price points to control capacity at your firm.

3:07 – The first and easiest way is to differentiate based on the frequency of delivery.

3:23 – The benefit here is that the client is getting their budget updated frequently on the more premium options.

3:33 – The second way to differentiate your services would be based on the method of delivery.

3:54 – You have to add more value to each option just by changing the mechanism of delivery of the service.

4:31 – The third way to differentiate your services is to think about them in terms of a basic versus premium service level.

5:01 – This will protect your time because many firms are offering very premium-type service level at more basic price points.

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