In this podcast episode, I shared 3 valuable ideas that can help you avoid getting stressed out if you’re offering the least scalable service — individual tax preparation.

Listen below.

1:05 – You simply can’t scale your firm when you focus on individual tax prep services for a quarter of the year.

1:26 – It’s difficult to find qualified people to fill in the capacity gaps that’s why most firms just push through the busyness.

1: 36 – Personally, I refuse to do this service in order to focus more on monthly recurring work that provided a more steady revenue stream.

2:30 – The first idea is to only offer it to certain individuals strategically or just not offer this service at all.

2:47 – Alternatively, I only offered this service to corporate clients.

3:09 – The second idea is to give your clients 3 pricing options.

4:12 – Through proper pricing and packaging of your service offers you can control your capacity.

4:20 – The last idea is to increase your price. This way, you will have less clients to manage.

4:40 – Charging a much higher price will still provide the same or even more revenues.

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