The Simple 5-Pronged Approach to Increase Client Retention

Have you wondered about the importance of client retention for your accounting firm? In this episode, I discussed about customer churn and presented a 5-pronged strategy that firms can adopt to keep their clients.

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0:34 – A student in my Future Firm Accelerate program asked about retaining clients and gaining referrals, which sparked this episode regarding customer churn and client retention.

1:14 – I shared an easy 5-pronged approach that firms can easily and effectively implement to reduce the number of clients leaving.

2:11 – Prong 1 is a smooth onboarding process for new clients and provides support for a great relationship with the firm.

2:52 – Prong 2 is to create a monthly newsletter that delivers valuable and relevant content to your clients, with a focus on meeting their needs.

3:44 – I provide my students monthly swipeable newsletters that follow an effective format that they can swipe and use each month.

4:17 – Regularly communicating your wins to your client is the 3rd prong. Sharing one case study per month with them keeps them engaged and interested.

4:54 – Prong 4 is to implement a regular check-in process with clients, this can be done through email and the approach can even be automated.

5:04In episode 69 of this podcast, I recorded an episode called A Simple Automated Customer Experience Improvement and you can literally swipe that approach.

5:48 – 5th Prong is holding an annual re-engagement meeting with clients to gain a better understanding of their business goals and needs.

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The Simple 5-Pronged Approach to Increase Client Retention

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