5 Tips to Turn Your Firm’s Website into a Marketing Tool

Used properly, your website can be one of the top marketing for accountants strategies.

If you’re looking to set up a modern website for your accounting firm that converts web visitors into leads, you’ll want to check out my podcast on the subject.

To listen to my 5 tips, click play below:

0:58 – The big problem with most accounting firm websites is that they’re informational and not used as a marketing tool to convert visitors to leads.

1:36 – Tip 1: Plaster your value proposition front & center on your home page.

2:35 – Tip 2: Include a Call-to-Action above the fold on your home page to convert web visitors to leads.

3:46 – Tip 3: Showcase your firm’s personality and unique culture in your “About Us” section to create a connection with web visitors.

4:27 – Tip 4: List benefits and outcomes rather than listing commoditized services.

5:41 – Tip 5: Significantly cut back on the amount of copy (ie. text) on your site.

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5 Tips to Turn Your Firm’s Website into a Marketing Tool

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