Are you stressed and burnt out as you get through the busy season? In this episode, I shared six mindset shifts that can be implemented at any time to help you feel better despite the pressures of the busy season.

Listen below.

0:30 – I’ve been receiving typical emails from firm owners who are burnt out and stressed, expressing their desire to quit due to exhaustion and discouragement.

0:46 – I discussed six mentality shifts that can help reduce the stress of the busy season while also ensuring that they won’t take up much of your time.

1: 07 – First mindset shift is to adjust your mindset to a longer-term perspective to see your firm’s progress and realize it’s in a better position now.

1:46 – Becoming less competitive is the 2nd mindset shift. Prioritizing one’s own progress is key.

2:35 – Third mindset shift is being kinder to yourself by accepting that mistakes will likely happen, especially during busy seasons.

3:03- The fourth mentality shift to reduce stress during a busy season is to believe in yourself. Take a minute to reflect on your past successes and use them as motivation.

3:24 – Realizing you’re not alone in tough times is the fifth mindset shift. Connecting with like-minded people who can support and uplift you helps reduce stress.

4:15 – The sixth important mindset shift is realizing that it’s important to take action to fix problems instead of accepting them as an inevitable part of life.

5:00 –  Before the next busy season, you must make necessary improvements to your business model. In episode 87 of this podcast, I talked about how to solve your busy season for good.

5:22 – By implementing these mindset shifts, you can start feeling better about what you’re going through at the moment.

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