6 Free Interrelated Online Marketing Apps for Your Firm

Looking for some of the best free online marketing apps for your accounting firm?

Then check out my Future Firm® Accounting Podcast episode discussing 6 free interrelated online marketing apps that you can use in your firm right now:

1:44 – Before recommending any of these tools, my perspective is coming from an inbound content marketing standpoint, primarily blogging, which I describe here.

2:30 – To drive traffic to your blog post, you can use Ubersuggest for blogging keyword research.

2:44 – I provide an example of how to use it.

3:45 – The next free marketing tool, Yoast, will help you optimize your blog post for the selected keyword.

4:20 – Enable Google Analytics (the 3rd free tool) to review your most popular blog posts. I share a simple way how to use it.

5:29 – Once you know your most popular posts, I explain how a lead magnet can be used to convert traffic to leads. To design your lead magnet you can use Canva.

5:58 – In exchange for your lead magnet, you’ll receive an email address. You can start sending those emails a newsletter using another free tool called Revue.

6:36 – To include free, high-quality images on your blog post, check out the sixth tool on the list: Unsplash.

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6 Free Interrelated Online Marketing Apps for Your Firm

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