Reclaim your “me” time by increasing your productivity to decrease your workload. In this podcast episode, I shared an easy-to-follow 6-step routine so you can efficiently manage your time to finish important tasks.

Listen below.

1:04 – One of the reasons why I read up a bit more on productivity was because I felt myself lacking a lot of focus.

1:32 – I use an app called Rescuetime which automatically tracks your computer usage.

1:55 – I spent a bit of time reflecting on what was driving the lack of focus and the lack of productivity.

2:41 – I implemented a new process and some new tools to help put me in a focused state of mind. 

3:45 – Step 1 is to identify the part of my day where I was most productive.

4:02 – Step 2 involved blocking my calendar from 9 am to 11:30 am each day. 

4:24 – In step 3, I signed up for an app called which is an online music channel that helps improve focus. 

5:05 – With step 4, I’m simply popping in my Apple Airpods to listen to 

5:15 – Step 5 of my routine involves activating Focus Mode on my Mac which also triggers this on my iPhone.

5:40 – And then the final step is to enable the FocusTime feature in my RescueTime app which locks down my browser.

6:23 – This routine has become a daily fixture in my life and I figured that it might be something that might be helpful for you, too.

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