The Wall That 7-Figure Firms Face

Many have developed their company swiftly past mid-6 figures, and while it wasn’t simple, things change when they hit 7-figures. Worst, they get stuck. I will explain two ways I diagnose this wall to help business owners break through it.

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1:38 – Today, I want to share 2 things that I do to diagnose this wall to help firm owners break through it.

1:44 – The very first thing I do is get an understanding of the firm’s packages and prices.

2:14 – I’ll also look at the firm’s margins to see if they’re in a good position to scale past 7-figures.

2:41 – The second thing I’ll look at is the firm’s organizational chart, oftentimes I see the same thing repeat itself.

3:28 – The solution to overcome this wall is fixing the firm’s org chart by installing the right people to eliminate the bottleneck that is occurring with the business owner.

3:38 – I’ve spoken about this on a number of occasions in several podcast episodes, namely episode 59.

4:20 – In episode 81, I argued that every firm should have a dedicated role for their Director of Operations to manage their team and their processes.

5:29 – We want to ensure that our cash flow supports this, but keep in mind that it might result in squeezed profits in the short term.

5:58 – If you have aspirations of growing larger, then you’ll need people and I’ve found the Director of Ops role is perfect for those that don’t want to be managing people.

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The Wall That 7-Figure Firms Face

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