The 7-Step Pathway to Reducing Your Workload

You may be starting an accounting firm and unsure how to build it without burning yourself out, or you may have a 6- or 7-figure firm where you’re working too much. I’ll share a 7-step path you can follow to significantly minimize your workload.

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1:17The goal of each step will be to better systematize your business and/or significantly shield your time from areas that you should not be involved in.

2:00Step 1 in the pathway to reduce your workload is to standardize your packages across your client base 

2:08This is important for twofold reasons, which I’ve discussed on many occasions, notably in episode 76

3:35You’ll have set yourself with the right foundation to move to step 2 of the pathway.

4:35 – Step 3 of your pathway is to implement capacity planning reporting.

4:53I speak about the importance of capacity planning in episode 51 if you want to hear more about it.

5:53 – So, what I’m suggesting here is to hire a head of customer success as step 4 of your pathway to reducing your hours.

6:26 – Step 5 is about ensuring that your business doesn’t grow into a huge mess by hiring a Director of Operations for your business.

6:34 – I spoke specifically about the importance of this role in episode 81 of this podcast

7:04Step 6 in your pathway to reducing your workload is about standardizing all processes in your business.

7:42 – Last step in your pathway to reducing your workload is to implement a strategic plan and stick to it.

8:41 – In fact, I view your strategic plan as probably the largest time saver on this entire list. I talk about this in episode 61.

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The 7-Step Pathway to Reducing Your Workload

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