8 Pricing Strategies I Use to Max My Price

Take a peek at these 8 pricing strategies that you can use to increase your prices and to secure more deals.

0:45 – I’m super interested in pricing psychology. For a list of 42 pricing psychology strategies, check Nick Kolenda’s article.

2:00 – First strategy: 3-tiered pricing.

2:30 – Second strategy: Price anchoring.

3:22 – Third strategy: Employ a wide gap in your pricing tiers.

3:50 – Fourth strategy: One price per bundle.

5:05 – Fifth strategy: Remove dollar sign and characters from your price.

5:45 – Sixth strategy: Non-rounded numbers for custom value pricing.

6:32 – Seventh strategy: Don’t use the words “cost” or “fee”

7:03 – Eighth strategy: Price high to protect your capacity.

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8 Pricing Strategies I Use to Max My Price

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