Non-cooperating and non-responsive clients in your accounting firm jam up your workflows and end up in wasted time. Find out how to deal with these kinds of clients:

Show Notes

0:45 – Non-responsive and non-cooperating clients jam up workflows.

1:30 – Tune in to the signs of a non-cooperating client during the sales process.

2:15 – Set expectations during the sales process.

3:56 – You could penalize the client for not cooperating, but it’s likely not a good strategy.

4:53 – If it’s a pervasive issue: fire the client.

5:16 – Use technology to help manage non-cooperating clients.

5:45 – Remove friction in your client experience to maximize the chances of your clients to cooperate.

6:40 – Give your clients fair notice for whatever you need and state the consequences of not cooperating.

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