Listen below to hear about the typical 9 mistakes I see accountants making when they run discovery calls with prospective clients. Avoid these mistakes to help increase your win rates and pricing.

Show Notes

0:40 – An effective discovery call serves the purpose of not only gathering information about what your prospects’ needs are but also understanding their value drivers.

1:01 – For that to happen, you must avoid the following 9 common mistakes I see in discovery calls.

1:15 – First, most discovery calls are too short.

2:08 – Second, many accountants don’t ask the right questions in their discovery calls.

3:00 – Thirdly, I see many discovery calls that aren’t getting a fair understanding of the scope of the project before a deal is reached.

3:54 – My fourth discovery call mistake is spending too much time talking about yourself.

4:23 – The fifth mistake is not using a sales script during a discovery call.

5:03 – We come to the sixth mistake on our list: advising on discovery calls.

5:29 – Seventh, sometimes firm owners talk in the weeds too much. You won’t succeed in sales if you use technical terminology and discuss nitty-gritty details of accounting.

6:00 – Eight, it’s all about the way you see your services.

7:20 – Lastly, talking too much is the ninth biggest mistake made during discovery calls. The discovery call is a time to listen, not to talk.

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