Finding a rock star talent is one of the biggest challenges of being a business owner. Curious to know how and where to find them? In this podcast episode, I’ve shared my 9 best strategies so you can hire the right team member for your firm.

Listen below.

0:46 –  My first strategy is to leverage my existing team by asking them first if they know anyone for the new role.

1:28 – The second strategy is to create LinkedIn and Indeed job postings.

1:46 – The third strategy is to search for Facebook groups which include those that are looking for jobs.

2:15 – Fourth is to have a good recruitment process before hiring a recruiter.

2:57 – My fifth and favorite strategy is to become your own recruiter. I’ve talked about it in episode 60.

3:52 – The sixth strategy is to find a niche job board and post your jobs there.

4:20 – Seventh is to post on university job boards if you’re looking to hire junior-level team members.

4:28 – Eighth is to post it on social media so that your network is aware of the available roles.

4:36 – Ninth is to post open positions on your website’s career page.

5:04 – I don’t recommend running these strategies all at once.

5:20 – The strategies that I’m employing right off the bat are at least the first two strategies.

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