Your firm’s customer experience is key to your client retention. Improve it with one, simple, automated tactic.

Listen below to learn more.

Show Notes

0:34 – This is the difference between customer service and customer experience.

1:27 – The importance of good customer experience in a firm.

1:55 – Clients want a firm that’s easy to work with and proactively helps them with their situation.

2:39 – I share a story of why we used to reach out to our clients every month and its effectiveness on the customer experience. 

3:29 – I describe what went right and what went wrong with the automated check-in process with my Future Firm ® Accelerate members.

4:18 – Here’s how you can implement a manual or automated client check-in process in your firm.

4:53 – I share a simple email template that you can use in your firm to check-in with your clients to improve engagement with your clients.

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