Accounting News: The Ultimate 50 Resources to Follow

If you’re looking to stay updated with the best accounting news resources, then this post is for you.

In it, I provide you with a curated list of the 50 best accounting news resources to follow.

In fact, when I ran my own firm before it was acquired, I relied heavily on a bunch of these resources to keep my firm ahead of the curve.

So if you’re an accountant that wants to stay ahead of the pack, this hand-picked collection of accounting news resources is for you.

Let’s get started!


Best Blogs for Accounting News

Blogs are one of my favorite ways to stay up to date with accounting news. The problem is that there are so many out there to follow.

Below, you’ll find my favorites and why.

Accounting Today

Accounting Today is an accounting news powerhouse. Dubbed as the “independent news and information resource for tax and accounting professionals”, I make sure to follow them daily to get the latest scoop on things.

It’s US-centric for the most part, but covers everything you could want in accounting; news, technology, practice management info and they even have a bunch of studies and reports throughout the year.

Their Editor-in-Chief Daniel Hood says this about the outlet’s success:

“Our editors have been covering the accounting profession for decades, so we know where it’s been and, more importantly, we know where it’s going.”



Here’s another big player on the block that I follow closely. Run by Managing Editor, Seth Fineberg, AccountingWeb takes a bit more of an educational tone. Over and above providing news updates, they tend to have a lot of content that actually helps accounting firms and professionals improve.

What makes AccountingWEB special?

According to Seth:

Our voice is that of the profession itself because all of our content, from articles and blogs to downloadable expert guides comes from other accounting professionals and thought leaders in the space.

Digital First

I’m super into the future of accounting and where the profession is heading. And in my opinion, where it comes to advancements in accounting technology, no one does a better job of looking into this than Sholto Macpherson’s Digital First blog.

According to Sholto, “ covers the latest technologies in accounting, with a heavy focus on online accounting software, the cloud app ecosystem, and practice software for running accounting firms. also occasionally covers related topics such as app advisory services, BI dashboards, inventory apps, cloud ERP – and everything in between.”

I only wished he would put out content more often 🙂

Future Firm®

How did this get here? Yes, Future Firm® is my own blog! My goal is to help accounting firms modernize and stay on the cutting edge.

While my blog is not 100% focused on accounting news, I do like to feature news that has or will have an impact on running a modern firm.

As an example, one story that I broke that was incredibly popular had to do with the rise of a new kind of competitors: accounting tech startups.

Going Concern

Over and above covering accounting news, Going Concern provides career advice, CPA exam tips and helps people find remote accounting jobs.

I’d say the blog is a bit more focused on younger accountants in or fresh out of school. I do find some of their content comical though and they seem to have a bit of an obsession of ranting on the Big 4.

CPA Practice Advisor

Mostly US-focused, CPA Practice Advisor does a good job at providing up to date news in accounting, audit, payroll, tax and all kinds of other small business-related matters.

cpa practice advisor

CPA Trendlines

CPA Trendlines has been a staple for accounting news for years now. Honestly, the formatting of their site (and emails) drives me nuts. Sometimes even getting access to certain content is difficult (ie. some of it is gated and requires a paid membership). But every once in awhile I stumble upon a unique survey that they run which provides some really good insight into the profession.

cpa trendlines

Accountancy Age

Reading non-US centric blogs helps you get a good sense of the global accounting environment. That’s why I have a number of blogs I follow from other parts of the world. It helps give perspective. Accountancy Age is UK-based and obviously gives you a UK spin on accounting news.

accountancy age accounting news

Journal of Accountancy

If you want more tax, technology, practice management, auditing, management accounting & financial reporting news, you can’t go wrong with the Journal of Accountancy. It’s run by the AICPA, so you know their content is legit.

Xero Blog

Xero’s blog of course shares news about Xero news and Xero product updates. But it also gives you a good international pulse of what is happening globally in the world of accounting.

xero accounting news

Firm of the Future

Firm of the Future is a blog by Intuit geared towards accounting professionals. A lot of the content is about providing advice but there is also a bunch of news.

Since it’s run by Intuit, things are skewed in terms of their products at times. That’s not always a bad thing. You can get the latest updates on new features in QuickBooks Online as well as some of their new initiatives like QuickBooks Live (see here for my inside scoop on QuickBooks Live).

firm of the future accounting news


Here’s a blog from CPA Australia. INTHEBLACK gives a good perspective on another part of the developed world. While there is a big focus on accounting news, you can also find some interesting content on leadership and strategy as well.


Best Newsletters for Accounting News

Email newsletters are a fantastic way of quickly getting up to speed quickly in the world of accounting.

I always look for newsletters that are sent out according to a consistent schedule. That way, I know what to expect, and when.

Here are some of the best newsletters for accounting news.

Future Firm® Weekly Top 5

Me again! As you can see from this blog post, there are A LOT of accounting news resources out there. That’s why I started Future Firm® Weekly Top 5.

Each week I review all of these resources (and more!) to bring you a curated list of the top 5 pieces of content that will help your firm modernize and stay on the cutting edge. A simple, brief email is then sent off each week.

Here’s a snippet of one of my newsletters:

future firm newsletter accounting news

Heather Smith

Heather is extremely knowledgable when it comes to cloud accounting apps and the corresponding ecosystem. Each week, her newsletter sends off the latest updates on cloud accounting (and non-cloud accounting) apps relating to client accounting services. It’s a good way to stay current with the add-on app ecosystem.

heather accounting news

CPA Letter Daily

Run by the AICPA, each day they’ll shoot off an email with around 10 stories happening in business, finance, accounting as well as AICPA news.

cpa accounting news 1

CPA Canada

I’m calling you out CPA Canada. We need to up your newsletter game! Most of the content is quite technical. We need more content that provides CPA’s with news and trends over and above purely technical information. For CPA Canada members though, it’s worth being subscribed.

Accounting Today

Accounting Today has about 10 different newsletters that you can subscribe to. I subscribe to 2 of them.

The Daily Briefing gives you a daily email rounding up accounting news for the day.

The Accounting Technology newsletters gives you 3 editions per week on, you guessed it, accounting technology news.

When you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll have options for tax, audit and more. It can get confusing, so maybe just sign up to 1 or 2 of them to start.


I actually sign up to 2 AccountingWEB newsletters. The US one and the UK one.

The UK one tends to be more of a roundup of accounting news with a UK focus. While the US one is more skewed towards providing guides and resources to help accounting firms grow over and above the news.

accountingweb newsletter

Going Concern

The Going Concern newsletter rounds up content from their own blog each week and sends it out in one email.

There’s also a part of the newsletter called “Adrienne’s Kitty Korner”, which is basically a picture of a cat giving some humorous commentary on a particular subject.

Lastly, they also have a section that shows popular older content from the blog.

CPA SMB Client Advisor

Here’s a newsletter from CPA Practice Advisor that rounds up weekly content from their blog.

cpa accounting news 4

Accountants Daily Newsletter

The Accountants Daily Newsletter rounds up bookkeeping and accounting news from their blog. Since the publication is based in Australia, you’ll get info from that region primarily.

Best Podcasts for Accounting News

Want to consume accounting news while on the go, while you’re commuting or while you’re plugging away at your desk?

You need a good accounting podcast!

I got you covered with all the best ones that cover accounting news below!

Cloud Accounting Podcast

Hands down the best podcast for accounting news. Co-hosts Blake Oliver and David Leary do a weekly round-up of the best news along with their commentary. A must listen.

cloud accounting pod accounting news

From the Trenches

Another one of my favorite accounting podcasts, this time with an Australian spin. By David Boyar & Paul Meissner, if you go to their website, this is the first line you see:

In the age of FAKE NEWS, brave souls are needed to fight through the noise and give accountants in practice the support and information they deserve.

They have a segment that is best on ground (the best accounting news that week) and worst on ground (the worst news that week) which makes things entertaining.

I also had the pleasure of interviewing Paul Meissner in a recent episode of the Future Firm® Accounting Podcast talking about fake news in the profession when it comes to accounting trends.

from the trenches accounting news

The Soul of Enterprise

While not accounting news per se, The Soul of Enterprise does talk about the latest happenings when it comes to pricing your services. Ron Baker & Ed Kless chat value pricing, ditching your timesheets and adopting a subscription model as central themes in this podcast.


If you’re a CPA and you’re looking for a quality accounting podcast, look no further than LumiQ. Canadian-based, and eligible for CPD training credits for CPA’s, this podcast has elite business leaders from around the world providing all kinds of good content. The podcast isn’t free, but in return, you do get CPD credits.


Future Firm® Accounting Podcast

Here’s my own podcast where I interview accounting thought leaders from around the world to talk about trends impacting your firm. The main goal of the podcast is to have discussions with others that provide insight into trends in the market and to give tips & tricks to help firms move into the future.

Accounting Today Podcast

This interview-style podcast is a mix of providing accounting news and ways to help accounting professionals grow.

accounting today podcast

Simply Tax

Let me be straight. I dislike tax considerably! But if you want to brush up on the latest in tax news, Damien Martin’s “Simply Tax Podcast” is the place to go.

Journal of Accountancy Podcast

Here’s AICPA’s podcast with discussions on key issues facing the accounting profession.

IFRS Foundation – IASB Podcast

Need to brush up on the latest developments happening in IFRS? The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has a monthly podcast.

Personally, this ain’t my jam, but if part of my job required being up to date with IFRS, then this would be my go-to.

Best Conferences for Accounting News

Conferences are a great place to get the latest scoop on what’s happening in the accounting world.

Over and above that, I love going to connect with my fellow peers.

Here are some of the top accounting conferences you can visit to make sure you’re up to date.


I’m a big Xerocon fan. I love the content, I love bumping into so many familiar faces and I get to hear the latest Xero news.

I always head to the one in the US but they also hold events in the UK and Australia. I even happened to give a write-up of my experience at Xerocon San Diego.

Intuit Connect (formerly Quickbooks Connect)

Here’s another big player in the accounting conference world. Intuit Connect holds its conference in the US, UK, and Canada annually. It’s a great place to learn about news happening in the cloud accounting ecosystem.

I tend to head to the one in San Jose, only because it’s the biggest of the 3 and because they have some pretty awesome speakers. I was even able to see Oprah one year!

Here are my highlights from QuickBooks Connect San Jose 2019.

AICPA Engage

K, this is a massive accounting conference. Lots of news, lots of technical information, lots of everything, basically. I attended for the first time in 2019 and for those curious, I wrote up a highlights piece for AICPA Engage in case you’re curious.

Scaling New Heights

Here’s another popular US-based accounting conference. Scaling New Heights gives attendees accounting news, accounting tips and insight into the latest accounting trends.

Sage Transform

Are you a Sage user and want the latest lowdown in the world of Sage? You might want to check out the Sage Transform.


Organized by Financial Cents, WorkflowCon is an annual event for accounting and bookkeeping firm owners, offering knowledge, tools, and strategies to streamline workflows.

The ONE National Conference

Hosted by CPA Canada, The ONE National Conference is one of the largest accounting conferences in the country. You’ll be able to learn about the latest updates happening in the accounting, tax, audit & finance landscape in Canada.


Accountex USA has been discontinued, but they’re still going strong in the UK. If you’re in or around London, you may want to consider attending.

Avalara CRUSH

This conference places an emphasis on getting the inside scoop of news and trends in the world of tax compliance.


Accounting & Finance Show

If you want to learn, meet people and do it all for free, the Accounting & Finance Show, held in multiple cities across North America, is the place for you.


Best Social Media Accounts for Accounting News

Whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or any of the other platforms, social media can be a great place to get up to the second accounting news.

Here are some of the profiles that you may want to follow to get the latest and greatest.

Fintech Details Community (Facebook)

Headed by Jennie Moore, this is a great group to learn news in cloud accouing, with a skew towards Canada.

fintech details accounting news

Friday Night Live with Accountants (Facebook)

Want an alternative to Saturday Night Live? How about Friday Night Live… with accountants!

Run by Andrew Wall, Michael Ly & Hector Garcia, if you’re looking for something to do Friday night, check out their Facebook Live talking about new developments in accounting.


On the Margins (LinkedIn)

As of the time of writing, this is a brand spanking new roundup of accounting news brought to you by co-hosts Will Lopez and Caleb Newquist of Gusto. It’s a Linkedin Live that you’ll have to go to Gusto’s Linkedin page to check it out.


Accounting & Bookkeeping Firm Leaders by Future Firm® (Facebook)

Here’s a private Facebook group that I host. In it, we discuss the latest innovations happening in the accounting space affecting the future of your firm. Discussions include technology, marketing for accountants, business model design, and more.

Hector Garcia CPA (Youtube)

With over 65k subscribers to his Youtube channel, Hector shares the technical tax updates, new QuickBooks features and all kinds of other accounting goodness.


AmandaLovesToAudit (Youtube)

If you’re an auditor you should subscribe to Amanda White’s Youtube channel. She shares a whole bunch of information, training and news in the audit space and has over 28k subscribers.


Best Magazines for Accounting News

Want to kick back on the weekend with something in your hand to read the latest accounting news?

Here are some of the best accounting magazines out there.


I was hard on CPA Canada in the newsletter section of this article. But I give them a high five here. Their recently rebranded Pivot magazine is an excellent source of news happening in and around the accounting profession in Canada.


Journal of Accountancy Magazine

If you head over to the Journal of Accountancy website, you can subscribe to their print magazine to get US-focused accounting news delivered straight to your door.

journal (1)

California CPA Magazine

Here’s a magazine from the California Society of CPA’s. I presume if you’re a member, you’ll get a paper copy. For all others, there’s an online version of it available.


Strategic Finance Magazine

For management accountants, you might appreciate getting your hands on a copy of Strategic Finance Magazine brought to you by the Institute of Management Accountants.

Accounting News Bonus Category

TheBig4Accountant (Twitter)

Ok, I just need to throw this in here. This is not accounting news, but anyone in public accounting will appreciate the hilarity of this profile. Here’s a Twitter account dedicated entirely to poking fun of accountants in practice.


Now I’d Like to Hear From You

I hope this post has provided you with ample resources to make sure you’re completely up to date with your accounting news.

Now it’s your turn.

What was your favorite accounting news resource?

Or is there a resource that I’m forgetting?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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