Accounting Thought Leaders from Acuity Discuss 21st Century Accounting

This is an exciting post for me because it’s to introduce the very first episode of the Future Firm® Accounting Podcast where I’ll be bringing you insight from accounting thought leaders around the world and discussions about news that affects the future of your firm. The focus will very much be on innovation and technology in accounting as well as to feature profiles of those involved with doing new and interesting things in the space that you can hopefully learn from. While there are a lot of other podcasts in accounting, I’m hoping this one will be a bit different.

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Future Firm Accounting Podcast

In Episode 1 of the Future Firm® Accounting Podcast, I “sit down” with two super cool dudes and accounting thoughts leaders, Kenji Kuramoto and Matthew May (I mean, with a 4th of July pic like the one below, how can they not be accounting thought leaders, right?), partners at one of the leading clouding firms in the US, if not the world; Acuity out of Atlanta, GA.

In 2019, Acuity was named as one of the best firms to work for and one of the best firms for technology by Accounting Today and they currently have around 80 people working remotely. They are certainly some of the more forward-thinking accounting entrepreneurs that I know and I wanted to pick their brain about how they think and what they do to keep staying on their toes and keep innovating.

I have often featured Acuity for doing cool things in my free weekly email that I send to firm owners and accounting leaders (here’s an example of one awesome recruitment tactic I highlighted from a recent edition – see #3 on the list), so I was delighted to sit down with these guys for my first episode.

Want to learn from some real deal accounting thoughts leaders? Look no further and peep the episode below.

0:53 – Kenji & Matthew tell us how how their backgrounds lead to them meeting and the beginnings of Acuity.

9:05 – Why growth at the firm was stunted and how Kenji was spreading himself too thin before Matthew joined.

12:05 – I ask about how Acuity transformed from from a traditional model to a modern firm.

21:03 – Accounting thought leaders Kenji & Matthew describe what 21st century accounting is.

24:50 – Kenji speaks about what helped make them one of 2019’s best accounting firms to work for in the US. Remote work & flexible work arrangements played a big part. “Our team is looking for flexibility

27:27 – Kenji: “When we go out and do these employee surveys, we keep finding over and over that our team is looking for flexibility. A place that respects and honours their time.”

28:36 – Matthew talks about how they ensure the work is getting done with only around 5 out of 80 people showing up to the office.

31:45 – I talk about how people are more productive when you let them work the hours they want.

35:00 – Around 300 of their 400 clients take bookkeeping services with Acuity. Most of the time Acuity requires bookkeeping services are taken. Matthew & Kenji speak about why.

38:16 – I ask why Acuity mandates a defined way of working with clients. Kenji discusses why it’s especially important to mandate certain things if you’re offering fixed pricing.

40:28 – How does Acuity continue to innovate even though they are leading in many categories? Matthew talks about the importance of looking outside the world of accounting to other fast growing industries for examples.

44:06 – On the importance of stepping outside of your comfort zone. Accounting thought leaders Kenji & Matthew started a YouTube series called Drink While You Think to test out video marketing. It’s a fun series talking about the industry. Check out a recent edition here and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

Interested In More?

You can check out Episode 0 of my first interview with Country Manager of Xero in Canada to learn about the future of cloud accounting in Canada by clicking here.

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Accounting Thought Leaders from Acuity Discuss 21st Century Accounting

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