Accounting Workflow Software: 7 Categories to Evaluate

Are you looking for accounting workflow software for your firm? Before you pick one, be sure you’re evaluating it based on these 7 critical categories.

I discuss what those categories are an episode of the Future Firm® Accounting Podcast.

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Accounting Workflow Software: 7 Categories to Evaluate

0:50 – If you’re looking to choose an accounting workflow software for your firm, there are 7 key categories that you should use to evaluate your options.

1:02 – The purpose of this software is to ensure that work is tracked, delegated, and completed on time.

1:13 – The first and most obvious category is about comfortable you are with adding, assigning, and tracking work in the piece of software. You need to be incredibly comfortable here.

1:55 – Collaboration functionality is the second category you should use to evaluate the software on. For me, this one is incredibly important. I expand on areas of collaboration that I think are important.

3:58 – The third category that you’ll want to consider is how the software can handle time & billing. This category is not important for me as I managed my firm without timesheets, but it might be for you.

4:41 – Fourth: I talk about reporting as an important category to consider.

5:39 – If automation is important for you, you might want to consider integrations with 3rd party apps as a fifth category to evaluate your accounting workflow software option.

6:25 – In the sixth category, I talk about the importance of user-friendliness when selecting your accounting workflow software.

7:02 – Lastly, I talk about the pricing of the system that you select and why you shouldn’t skimp here.

7:28 – Remember that you’ll need to prioritize which categories are most important because you won’t find something that checks 100% of the boxes.

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Accounting Workflow Software: 7 Categories to Evaluate

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