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Will Accounting Tech Startups Overtake Your Firm?

Enter the era of accounting tech startups. Hot off the press, Pilot in the US just raised $40 million for their online and tax bookkeeping service bringing their total funding to $59 million. Bench, an online bookkeeping service based out of Canada, raised $18 million in funding back in January 2018. Visor, an online tax service, raised $9 million in November 2018. Botkeeper raised $18 million in…


Cloud Accounting Security for Your Firm

Lately I have been asked quite a bit about cloud accounting security from those interested in setting up an online firm. These are from people that are interested in setting up an online model, but worried about the security implications. Let's dig into cloud accounting security a bit more to see if we can create a bit more comfort around this topic. A bit of history Not that far back, but…

The Quickbooks vs Xero Bookkeeper Battle

Watch out, because you definitely don't want to piss off a bookkeeper. And that's something that Intuit appears to have done recently. Xero, then put out an indirect response to Intuit on where they stand on the matter. With that, it's clear there's a Quickbooks vs Xero Bookkeeper battle that is now brewing, where each vendor are now positioning themselves for where they see the future of the…

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My Journey from Physical Office to Running a Remote Accounting Firm – Part 2

In 2 part blog series features on MYOB’s blog, I share my personal experiences in how I ended up running a remote accounting firm. To access part 2 of this story about key lessons learned about running a remote accounting firm, click here. Part 1 of this story can be found here which talks about my transition from physical office to remote.

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My Journey from Physical Office to Running a Remote Accounting Firm - Part 1

In 2 part blog series features on MYOB's blog, I share my personal experiences in how I ended up running a remote accounting firm. To access part 1 of this story about how I went from a physical office location to running a remote accounting firm, click here. Part 2 of this story discusses my key lessons, which can be accessed here.

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The 4 Best Communication Apps for Accounting Firms

In this increasingly digital world that we are living in, easy, efficient and frictionless  communication is important for offering a modern service experience for your customers and an efficient experience for your team. Heading into 2019, what are the best communication apps for accounting firms on the market today? Let's have a look! 1. Slack Stop sending emails to your team! I can count on…

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Upcoming Accounting Firm Trends into 2022

In identifying accounting firm trends, it's helpful to take a look at reports from reputable organizations that have studied where markets are heading in the years to come. The World Economic Forum (WEF) just recently put out its 2018 "Future of Jobs Report" and the report helps gives insight into the trends facing the workforce in the upcoming 5 years to come. Why is this important for…

Attract millennials to your accounting firm

3 Ways to Attract Millennials to your Accounting Firm

  Is your accounting firm attractive to the type of people in this the photo above? Most aren't. Which is why it's important to understand what makes these people tick in order to attract millennials to your accounting firm. Since recruitment and retention of key employees is often listed as the top challenge facing accounting firms and since the millennial generation (and soon to be Gen Z)…

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5 Best Books for Accounting Firms Looking to Modernize

I was never one to enjoy reading much and hadn't picked up a book in years prior to starting my business in 2013. But I knew that if I was to succeed in business, then I would need to get insight into the minds of others. One way that I achieved this was through reading up on topics that I felt were important for the success of a modern accounting firm. If you're looking to modernize your firm…

Impact of blockchain on accountants

Impact of Blockchain on Accountants - Cutting Through the Hype

We’re in a bit of a weird time right now. We are seeing a lot of people, including myself, talking about the impact of blockchain on accountants & auditors and many are dissecting the technology from an extremely technical standpoint. Nobody questions the technology behind email & the internet for instance. We know that the use-case of this technology is to be able to disseminate…