How to (Actually) Beat Busy Season This Year

The busy season can be a blessing, but for some, it creates all kinds of bottlenecks. Regardless of where you find yourself this year, there are a few actions you can take to help you significantly increase your earnings and save time.

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0:54 – Firms owners work themselves to the bone during the busy season because they’re doing too much for too little.

1:19 – Your capacity is your firm’s most precious resource and you need to do a much better job at guarding it.

1:42 – You need to eliminate clients that take up too much bandwidth for the amount of work required.

2:13 – We need to find a way to significantly save capacity without sacrificing revenues.

2:22 – What I’d suggest is to package your services differently in a manner that allows you to significantly increase your prices.

3:09 – The approach is to add value to your service, but also seriously increase your prices.

3:25 – Aim to package your services right and properly communicate them with your clients.

3:43 – I have an article on this very subject called “The Surviving Busy Season Accounting Guide”, and I talked about 10 strategies that can help.

4:06 – But none of these suggestions will do as much to save time as the main suggestion in this episode, which is to increase your prices.

4:25 – First step is to set up Gold/Silver/Bronze packages for your tax prep services and then price them out.

4:31 – Next step is to communicate your new packages to your clients and give them a deadline to select one of the packages.

4:52 – Last step is to make sure you define all services and features in your packages and include those service terms in your engagement letter.

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How to (Actually) Beat Busy Season This Year

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