indinero jessica mah ceo

InDinero – The Accounting Firm of the Future?

What is Indinero? What do they do? Why are they different than most accounting firms? I chat with their CEO to find out more in this piece.

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accounting trends with paul meissner

5 Accounting Trends Debated – Hype or Reality?

Future Firm discuss the 5 top accounting trends with a true accounting thought-leader to debate what's real and what's fake.

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ron baker value pricing

Ron Baker Value Pricing Steps, Tips & Tricks

Looking to implement value pricing? Click here to get the Ron Baker value pricing steps, tips & tricks for your firm.

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quickbooks connect san jose 2019

QuickBooks Connect San Jose 2019 Highlights

Want to know the highlights and takeaways from QuickBooks San Jose 2019? I summarize the key things you need to know for your firm.

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social media for accountants (1)

Social Media for Accountants – Awesome Tips & Tricks

Want some awesome social media for accountants tips & tricks? Look no further. This post chats with an expert CPA on the subject.

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Guide to Pricing Accounting Services (Fixed & Value Pricing)

Having trouble pricing accounting services for your upfront fixed price mandates? Check this 4 step guide to help walk you through it.

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botkeeper ceo enrico palmerino

Botkeeper: A Review of How it Works

Curious to find out more about Botkeeper and whether it might be a good option for your accounting firm? I chat with Botkeeper's CEO to learn more.

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Staff Accountant Job Description – My #1 Tip (w/ Examples)

Writing a staff accountant job description? Check out this critical tip to ensure you're attracting high quality candidates to your firm.

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ConnectCPA’s Experience Managing a Remote Accounting Firm

Want to know how a leading cloud accounting firm has been successfully managing a remote accounting firm? Take a look at what their partners have to say.

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xero canada report

The 2020 Xero Canada Firm Report – 10 Must Know Insights

I dissect the 2020 Xero Canada benchmark report to give firm owners and firm leaders 10 must know insights to help improve their firm.

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The Next Evolution of Cloud Accounting Apps with the CEO of FreshBooks

Want to hear what the CEO of the 2nd largest small business accounting software has to say about the evolution of cloud accounting apps? Click here.

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Attract Accounting Talent – Unpacking A Top 25 Firm’s Recruitment Video

Want to attract accounting talent? Check this Top 25 US firm's recruitment video to see a good example of how to target today's candidates.

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modern audit service

My Awful Big 4 Customer Experience (w/ 5 Modern Audit Service Tips)

I was audited by the Big 4 and it was far from pleasant. In this article I describe my story and give tips on delivering a modern audit service.

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Accounting Thought Leaders from Acuity Discuss 21st Century Accounting

Accounting thought leaders Matthew May & Kenji Kuramoto from leading cloud accounting firm Acuity talk about 21st century accounting in this podcast episode

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help desk software for accounting firms 1

Help Desk Software For Accounting Firms – What & Why

Help desk software for accounting firms can help make your client communications easier, more efficient and more effective. Learn how and why in this post.

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