accounting firm coin

Accounting Firm Coin To Follow Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency?

With cryptocurrency & blockchain becoming more mainstream, is there a place for firms to release an Accounting Firm Coin? I look at the what, why & how.

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cloud accounting in canada

The Future of Cloud Accounting in Canada with Will Buckley of Xero

Want to know about the future of cloud accounting in Canada? I speak to the Canadian Country Manager of Xero to get his take in this 1-on-1 interview.

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The Ultimate Xerocon San Diego Wrap-Up

Looking to get the inside scoop on what took place at Xerocon San Diego? I have you covered with some exclusive insights & takeaways.

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AICPA Engage 2019 Highlights – It’s All About Change

This year's AICPA Engage conference focused on change, transformation & disruption in the profession. I provide you with some of the highlights on the conference.

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3 Reasons Why EY’s Free Software Release is Super Smart

EY released millions of dollars worth of code to the world for free. I think it's super smart. Here are my 3 reasons why & what your firm can learn from it.

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accounting trends report 8

Sage’s 2019 Accounting Trends Report – 6 Curated Highlights

I summarize and curate the highlights from Sage's 2019 "Practice of Now" report to given you insight into the latest trends for your firm.

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Will Accounting Tech Startups Overtake Your Firm?

Accounting tech startups are raising a ton of money at the moment. I give a run down of what they look like and the threat they may present to your firm.

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Cloud Accounting Security for Your Firm

Looking to use the latest software on the market to help automate your firm but worried about the cloud accounting security implications? Let's dig in!

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The Quickbooks vs Xero Bookkeeper Battle

The marketplace economy is taking the world by storm. With Intuit's new test, we just might be seeing this play out in the bookkeeping profession as well.

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Laptop with cloud accounting charts

My Journey from Physical Office to Running a Remote Accounting Firm – Part 2

After transitioning to a remote accounting firm model, I learned some valuable lessons. Give this a read to see what they are.

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Person typing on laptop

My Journey from Physical Office to Running a Remote Accounting Firm – Part 1

Read about my journey from transitioning from a physical office to a remote accounting firm model.

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Orange Megaphone

The 4 Best Communication Apps for Accounting Firms

Make communication in your accounting firm as efficient as possible with clients and your team with these 4 awesome apps.

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Computers on a futuristic background

Upcoming Accounting Firm Trends into 2022

Want to know about the accounting firm trends that will impact your firm over the next 5 years? Read up to see how you can stay prepared.

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Attract millennials to your accounting firm

3 Ways to Attract Millennials to your Accounting Firm

A recent Deloitte survey clues us in on how you can attract millennials to your accounting firm.

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Books in a Library

5 Best Books for Accounting Firms Looking to Modernize

Take a look at my recommendation for the 5 best books for accounting firms looking to modernize and stay ahead of the curve.

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