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My Journey from Physical Office to Running a Remote Accounting Firm – Part 1

Read about my journey from transitioning from a physical office to a remote accounting firm model.

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The 4 Best Communication Apps for Accounting Firms

Make communication in your accounting firm as efficient as possible with clients and your team with these 4 awesome apps.

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Upcoming Accounting Firm Trends into 2022

Want to know about the accounting firm trends that will impact your firm over the next 5 years? Read up to see how you can stay prepared.

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Attract millennials to your accounting firm

3 Ways to Attract Millennials to your Accounting Firm

A recent Deloitte survey clues us in on how you can attract millennials to your accounting firm.

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Books in a Library

5 Best Books for Accounting Firms Looking to Modernize

Take a look at my recommendation for the 5 best books for accounting firms looking to modernize and stay ahead of the curve.

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Impact of blockchain on accountants

Impact of Blockchain on Accountants – Cutting Through the Hype

Blockchain's use case is to record and verify data. Find out how this will apply to accountants and auditors in the future.

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Impact of blockchain on bookkeeping title

Impact of Blockchain on Bookkeeping – Cutting Through the Hype

The impact of blockchain on bookkeeping will be substantial in the years to come. Find out how, when and why.

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The Story of a Remote CPA in Indonesia with No Internet Connection

Here's a story about George, a CPA working in a remote part of Indonesia with no internet connection

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Running an Accounting Firm Without Timesheets – My 5 Year Experience

The firm I run, Xen Accounting, has been operating for 5 years… (gulp)... without a timesheet. Sounds crazy? To many firm owners and managers, running an accounting firm without timesheets probably does.

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Why I’m Starting a Blog!

I’m Ryan Lazanis, a CPA from Montreal, Canada who’s passionate about technology & disruptive business models. While I’m a CPA, and while I have my training and education in accounting and tax, that’s actually not what I’m passionate about.

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