CPA Firm Marketing: 3 Strategies I’m Loving Right Now

Marketing right now is tough! And that’s no exception for CPA firm marketing either…

The good news is that there are a few strategies that I think are working well right now when it comes to branding, establishing goodwill amongst current & prospective clients and community building.

I lay them out in my most recent episode of the Future Firm® Accounting Podcast.

Give it a listen below!

CPA Firm Marketing: 3 Strategies I’m Loving Right Now

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1:40 – Marketing is super tough at the moment, but one kind of marketing activity is leading the pack right now: support.

2:06 – The first strategy I’m loving right now is: live video Q&A streams to help current and prospective clients get their questions answered live. It’s great for community building and branding.

3:50 – The second CPA firm marketing strategy that I’m liking is releasing regular newsletters. I’m seeing firms start newsletters during this coronavirus crisis simply to provide up to date information relating to government programs and clients are eating it up. In fact, I’ve seen it lead to increased business.

4:36 – The last strategy I’m loving right now – blogging! The kind of blog posts I like? The most effective ones at the moment will be the ones that provide practical, step-by-step guides on how to claim certain government assistance programs.

5:35 – The name of the game for any kind of marketing right now: support!

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CPA Firm Marketing: 3 Strategies I’m Loving Right Now

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