As venture capital enters into the accounting space, what does it mean for your firm and the future of the profession? Listen for how to prepare your firm as new players enter the market:

Show Notes

1:00 – Pilot, an accounting tech startup, has now raised over $150M and is valued at $1.2Bn.

1:15 – I initially wrote about accounting tech startups 2 years ago.

1:54 – Numerous accounting tech startups have gone belly up, including Scalefactor, thanks to hype and empty promises.

2:55 – It’s only a matter of time before someone disrupts the entire industry.

3:40 – While the industry has taken a big step forward, accounting & tax is still very painful for consumers.

4:15 – Accounting tech startups are attempting to improve the customer experience and eliminate consumer pain points.

6:09 – Learn from what’s taking place in the industry right now: I list 3 ways how.

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