In this episode, I discuss how your accounting firm can generate passive revenue and the types of models that are at the beginning of the trend curve.

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Show Notes

0:53 – Future Firm Accelerate® just officially launched to help accountants fast-track the growth of a modern, scalable, 7+ figure accounting that doesn’t require them to work a million hours a week. It contains 3 things: online courses, coaching & community.

3:05 – I discuss how this membership program relates to generating passive revenue in your firm.

4:00 – Technology and shifting consumer behaviors mean that consumers have a level of choice that we’ve never seen before, which is driving some of these passive revenue streams in the service sector.

5:15 – My research from developing my own passive revenue streams lead me to believe that these kinds of models would be possible in accounting firms.

6:45 – I believe accounting firms could take this model in a downstream or upstream membership model.

8:30 – The model could also work as a once-off revenue stream as well.

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