How Can I Make My Staff More Efficient?

In this podcast episode, I shared my thoughts on how to make your staff more efficient by implementing capacity planning and managing what matters the most in your firm.

Listen Below.

0:55 – The typical answers on how you can make your staff more efficient.

1:25 – At a certain point, you have to realize that your team aren’t workhorses.

2:30 – When I ran my firm, I managed what actually mattered, which was the deadlines.

2:45 – Manage the outputs properly by implementing capacity planning, which I covered in episode 55.

3:19 – Engage in a capacity plan and assign work to your team in a way that ensures they’re not overworked.

3:46 – The trick though is to get this employee’s buy-in when it comes to the plan.

4:37 – Think less about efficiency and think more about capacity management.

5:14 – The biggest issue that comes with managing the outputs and capacity is that you’re dealing with estimates.

5:27 – My suggestion is to first focus on capacity management and on focusing on managing the outputs.

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How Can I Make My Staff More Efficient?

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