We live in an increasingly distracting world. In this recent podcast episode, I share my top 5 techniques for how I stay focused & productive.

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Show Notes

1:05 – I read a book called Deep Work which highlighted the importance of deep work versus shallow work activities.

1:22 – Focusing on deep work is what moves the needle forward in your business.

2:05 – I’ve developed a few simple techniques that keep me focused and productive.

2:13 – First technique: Have an action plan. I share how I set mine.

2:45 – My action plan is my filter for where I dedicate my time.

3:33 – Second technique: Say “no” to a lot more of your meeting requests.

4:25 – My 2 criteria to determine whether you should accept a meeting or not.

5:14 – Third technique: Batch meetings together on a given day.

5:50 – Fourth technique: I don’t schedule meetings during my peak performance hours which I can dedicate towards deeper, more creative work.

6:17 – Fifth technique: Engage in asynchronous communication as much as possible to clear your calendar.

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