How I Work With Business Coaches to Shortcut My Results

How can coaches help business owners in achieving success more quickly and avoid mistakes? In this episode, I will provide advice on how coaching helped me significantly improve my business with business coaches.

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0:48 – Coaching has significantly improved my business, so I’m sharing insights/tips in case you decide to hire a coach.

01:25 – One of the students shared a TED talk entitled “The Most Successful Person in the World” by Jeff Haden, on finding a “Pro” to help achieve goals

02:22 – My first business coach was my hardworking father, who pushed me to take the opposite way.

03:00 – I founded Future Firm with the goal of helping other firm owners avoid the mistakes I made while running my previous business

03:49 – I learned how to build a membership site from experienced members of the Membership Academy and engaged with a large community of other members.

4:30 – After signing up for James Schramko’s private coaching, he gave me valuable guidance helping me avoid actions that would have hindered my business growth.

5:00 – I originally planned to launch Future Firm Accelerate with one coaching option, but I followed advice to offer a more basic service level, which today has over 700 members.

6:24 – I brought on another coach called Robert Skrob who specializes in subscription growth and retention.

7:28 – The purpose of this episode is twofold. First, to emphasize how important it is to get help from professionals instead of trying to figure everything out on your own.

8:11 – The second point is to give advice on how to find the right professional or coach to help achieve one’s goals.

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How I Work With Business Coaches to Shortcut My Results

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