How Should You Use AI in Your Firm Right Now?

Wondering why AI is a hot topic these days? In this episode, I’ll explain how AI can be properly integrated into a firm’s operations and how it can increase business growth and competitiveness.

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00:35 – I received a question from a LinkedIn user on how I see AI playing out this year for accounting firms and how we should be positioning ourselves to win using it.

1:30 – The thing that’s gotten the most hype in recent days is ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, which could interact with you in a highly sophisticated conversational way.

1:52 – A good example of this is a Twitter user who had ChatGPT compose their “Welcome to Tax Season” letter and other users getting accurate answers to their accounting questions.

2:20 – I shared my firm’s back story of being the first to accept crypto as payment, which demonstrates our willingness to embrace technology trends.

3:43 – I talked about my approach when spotting an upcoming trend and being ahead of the pack.

4:10 – AI will have a large impact on our lives and our businesses. Have the team learn and use AI by signing up for a ChatGPT account and doing one AI-generated task a week.

5:20 – AI is mostly being used for marketing right now, so if you want to use it more for your firm, you should focus on how it can help you with that.

5:35 – You can use AI in your firm now and prepare for when AI plays a bigger part in what we do as bookkeepers, accountants, tax specialists, and consultants. It’s best to be ahead of the curve rather than behind it.

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How Should You Use AI in Your Firm Right Now?

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