How to Easily Sell Peace of Mind to Your Clients

As an accounting firm owner, you should know that one of your main selling points is providing peace of mind to your clients. But how do you make this more tangible for them? In this podcast episode, I’ll give you some tips on how to easily sell “peace of mind” to your clients.

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0:59 – Clients say that peace of mind is what they’re looking for from their accounting or bookkeeping firm.

1:39 – I want to show you how you can gain an advantage over your competitors.

1:55 – Offer them a product to help achieve this, not a service.

2:08 – A productized service is when you can take a service that’s performed on an ad hoc basis.

2:39 – Clients get peace of mind when you know how they can avoid a certain risk in their financial situation.

3:35 – The solution is to put together a checklist and sell the checklist.

4:00 – List all the things that clients might worry about and make sure their bases are covered on a periodic basis.

4:50 – Some of the items that you can include in this checklist.

5:27 – Think about all the things that make your clients second guess about their accounting, finances, and taxes.

6:11 – You can literally productize everything that you do, making your services easy to sell while helping you scale.

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How to Easily Sell Peace of Mind to Your Clients

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  1. Loving this advice. Thank you very much for sharing. I look forward to your emails every week. Thank you for choosing to do what you do everyday.

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