How To Get Bookkeeping Clients Quickly: 19 Tips To Use In 2024

If you’re looking for more bookkeeping clients, you’re going to love this article.

I’ll be sharing 19 of my favorite tips for you to quickly find high-quality clients for your business.

Let’s get started.

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19 Tips To Get Bookkeeping Clients

Tip 1: Leverage Social Media

As of January 2024, there were approximately 239 million social media users in the United States alone, according to a study conducted by Statista.

internet users chart

With those numbers, it makes sense to take advantage of that reach.

While there are plenty of social media platforms, LinkedIn tends to be quite popular with business owners and professionals.

Before we proceed, there’s one thing to know about using social media to get clients: 

It won’t happen overnight.

Building a strong social media presence takes time, consistent effort, and high-quality engagement.

Having said that, there are a few ways you can build your presence and grow your audience.

On top of sharing interesting news and facts, sharing value always works well.


  • What expenses can be deducated
  • A comparison of different cloud accounting apps
  • How to save time with your bookkeeping

To give you an idea, look at the value Josh shared, which generated 400+ likes!

josh aharonoff linkedin

You can create your own graphics in a tool like Canva if you like:

canva-social media post

For more social media tips, visit my post on how to use social media as an accountant.

Tip 2: Email Marketing

According to a survey conducted by Marketing Charts (data sourced from Marigold), email is still the most effective marketing channel.

email marketing chart

And it’s no surprise, I’m a big fan of email marketing.

And while email marketing can get very technical, there are some very easy ways to realize success for free.

The P.S. Email Tactic

We send dozens of emails every day.

By attaching a P.S. in your email signature you get to advertise something every single day across every email you send.

ps email

The Check-In Email Tactic

Sometimes it’s not about finding new clients, but finding business amongst existing clients.

By checking in periodically with existing clients, you’ll be able to spot upsell opportunities.

Here’s a simple 6-word check-in email I like to send every few months to my clients.

You’d be surprised at how well it works to get clients opening up to you and how much your clients will appreciate you checking in 🙂

email check

The Thank-You Email

Every time you complete a service for your client (ex: a month-end close), send them a thank you note while asking if they know anyone else who might be interested in your services.

thank you email

Tip 3: Attend Networking Events

Focus on events that fit your niche for the best results. 

For example, if you’re targeting small businesses, check out local business association meetings or industry-specific meetups.

A good website to check out for networking events is Meetup, where you can search for events in cities near you.


Eventbrite is another good place to look for events.


Some of these events may not always be free to attend, but the chance of meeting potential clients can make the investment worthwhile.

Tip 4: Host Local Bookkeeping Workshops

Hosting workshops or webinars is a great way for bookkeepers to teach people about what they know and help possible clients.

Here’s an example of an organization hosting a bookkeeping workshop. Check out the topics they are covering:  

bookkeeping workshop

By talking about things like how to manage finances, bookkeepers can catch the attention of people who might want their help.

Overall, hosting webinars and workshops is more about establishing yourself as an authority in the industry.

Tip 5: Join Online Communities

Joining online forums and groups can help you network with others more easily.

For example, in my Future Firm Accelerate community, this is one example of how members are sharing business.

FFA - online communities

Find and join active online communities to connect with peers and discover more referral opportunities for your bookkeeping business.

Tip 6: Ask for Google Reviews

Most people nowadays use Google to check out anything. 

Bookkeepers with positive Google reviews will have a much better chance of landing clients.

bookkeeping sydney

If you’re trying to get more reviews for your bookkeeping business, here’s one tactic I recommend:

Send them this email after you’ve completed the work:

Hi [first name],

We really appreciate your business and we want to thank you again for working with us.

Would you mind clicking this link [insert link] and leaving us a Google review of our services?

Your support for our small business means a lot!

[Your Name]

More reviews improve your rankings in Google searches, making your business more visible to potential clients.

Tip 7: Create Your Own Website

Don’t settle for social media alone. A good website is still important in turning people who visit your social media profiles into clients.


Regardless of how your website looks, one thing it should have is CTAs.

accountant partners

Calls to action like “Book a Consultation” or “Download Our Guide” can drive potential client engagement and lead to conversions.

If you want to get more insights and examples on how to create a website for your business, check out these 43 modern accounting websites.

Tip 8: Set Up Your Local SEO Profile

There are over 100,000 Google searches every second.

Google search

And about 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information!

That’s why you need to make sure your Google My Business account is set up correctly.

It helps prospective clients find your website when they’re looking for specific services in your area.

Setting up your Google My Business account is one of the easiest ways to get the word out about your bookkeeping business.

When someone typed in “accounting firm montreal” for instance, my firm, Xen Accounting, popped up right away 🙂

Xen accounting google maps

Tip 9: Develop a Niche Specialty

Picking a niche can be difficult, especially for beginners.

Choosing to specialize in a particular industry or type of business, like online stores, doctors’ offices, or artists, helps you stand out from other bookkeepers who work with all kinds of businesses.

Specialization makes it easier to market your services effectively.

For instance, Olabero focuses on non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurs, setting themselves apart from other firms trying to get all kinds of clients.


If you don’t have anything specific in mind yet, that’s okay.

You don’t have to hyper-specialize right from the start.  

Target a broader category like “medical field” or “small business owners” and then refine it further based on your client base. 

As you gain experience and build relationships, you can narrow your focus.

Tip 10: Offer Educational Content Upgrades

To make your blog posts or free resources even better, you can add extra stuff like templates, checklists, or downloadable guides. 

This makes people want to give you their email in return for the cool stuff you’re offering. 

Then, you can grow your email list and keep in touch with potential customers over time.

Here’s one example:

geek books

When you match these upgrades with the topics or problems you talk about in your blog posts or resources, you attract clients who are interested in what you do.

Tip 11: Get Training and Certifications

Certifications give potential clients peace of mind, showing that you’re keeping pace with industry standards and best practices. 

It demonstrates your commitment to professional development and excellence, making you a more attractive option than other service providers who opted not to get certifications.

One of the best ways to earn certifications is through QuickBooks Online Certification.

QB certification

Once you become a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor, you’ll be visible on their directory listing.

QB proadvisor

Just a heads-up, some of these courses may not be free, but they offer discounts for registered users.

Tip 12: Tap Lead Generation Companies

A lead generation company can find good leads, engage with them through email and other channels, and help you get more sales.

This would not be my top recommendation for new bookkeepers, as it’s not cheap and finding a reputable company to do it could be challenging.

But when done correctly, it can generate positive results.


Tip 13: Referral Programs

You might want to explore referral programs to motivate your existing customers to refer potential leads. 

You can provide incentives for successful referrals and express gratitude to those who contribute to the growth of your firm.

For example, you could offer a 10% discount on their next invoice to existing clients who refer their contacts to you. 

Again, it’s not my favorite way to pick up clients, but I did employ this method early on running my firm.

Tip 14: Leave Brochures or Business Cards at Local Businesses

When targeting the local community, leaving brochures or business cards at local shops can be effective. 

Placing them near checkout counters means every customer to that business will see your business’ name before they leave. 🙂

For instance, if your target niche is contractors, placing business cards near the checkout counter in hardware stores can help potential clients see your bookkeeping business’ name. 

If you aim to get freelancers, leaving your cards in coffee shops where they often work can be a great way to connect.

You can easily make brochures and flyers with Canva.

brochure design canva

This approach not only gets the word out but also aligns your marketing efforts with the places your potential clients frequent.

Tip 15: Become an Online Freelancer

There’a a ton of opportunities on freelancing platforms like Upwork,, and Fivver.

But, as you may know, competition can be tough as these sites are saturated with other bookkeepers looking for clients.

Still, there’s little to no risk and it won’t cost you much in signing up to these platforms.

Upwork is the most popular and can give you the best chance to find bookkeeping clients.

bookeeping upwork

If you can tolerate the service fee (10%) for every payment, it’s worth building up your portfolio and gaining some testimonials here.

Tip 16: Partner with Complementary Businesses

Collaborating with other businesses can be a powerful strategy for acquiring bookkeeping clients.

You can team up with:

  • Accounting firms
  • Financial advisors 
  • Business consultants

This simple strategy can help you grow your client base and make your bookkeeping services stand out.

Some effective ways to implement this strategy are by co-hosting workshops and webinars, developing exclusive offers, and sharing marketing efforts.

The question is, who to partner with?

I recommend targeting a business with a strong social media following and an established audience. 

Ensure they don’t offer a similar set of services to yours.

You can use Google to search for businesses that fit these criteria.

financial advisor melbourne

Once you identify a few candidates, start making contact and see if they’re interested in collaborating with you.

Pro Tip: Think from the business owner’s perspective and consider how you can make it a win-win for both parties.

Tip 17: Join the Chamber of Commerce or Business Associations

Becoming a member of your local Chamber of Commerce or other business associations can help you gain access to a network of local businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Plus, being a member of these organizations enhances your credibility and increases the likelihood of securing bookkeeping work from fellow members.

You can usually find information about these organizations online via Google.

Here is an example from the Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce.

tampa bay chamber

Reach out to the Chamber of Commerce or business association directly to inquire about membership and events.

Tip 18: Consider Paid Google Ads

Visibility in search results can lead to significant website traffic, leads, and ultimately – clients.

That’s why many opt to use paid ads, as they offer a quick and efficient way to ensure your website appears prominently in search engine results.

Bookkeepers are no exception.

bookkeeper edmonton

As I’ve mentioned in a few other blog posts, I’m not a huge fan of this approach, because I feel many business owners jump to it too quickly and have unrealistic expectations.

While running paid ads can be a very powerful strategy, it can also be difficult.

You need to have a deep understanding of your audience’s needs, desires, and challenges. 

It demands crafting compelling ad copy, selecting the right keywords, and optimizing your campaigns — a process that can be intricate and time-consuming.

That being said, if you’re confident about your chances, go to Google Ads and start from there.

Google Ads

Tip 19: Sponsor Local Community Events or Fundraisers

This can be costly and time-consuming, but aligning your own brand with reputable and well-organized events can attract potential clients.

Do this by reaching out to local non-profit organizations in your area and check out if they are interested in collaborating.

However, if you’re just starting out and have almost no experience or budget to spare, you may want to consider the other tips I suggested before this.

How To Find Your First Bookkeeping Client

find first bookkeeping client

You don’t need to search far for your first bookkeeping clients. 

Tap your existing network of friends, family, a small business owner you know, and professional contacts.

Reach out individually or via email to inform them about your services and the value you provide. 

Ask if they know anyone who might benefit and offer incentives for referrals, such as discounts or small tokens of appreciation. 

Leveraging your network is highly effective, as referrals from trusted sources are more likely to result in more clients.

Wrapping Up

Getting bookkeeping clients might seem hard at first, but there are ways to make it easier. 

You can use both technology and real-life ways to connect with people, show them what you’re good at, and get them interested in working with you. 

If you think smart and stay active in finding clients, you can build a successful bookkeeping business.

Now, let me ask you, which tip I provided resonated with you the most?


Comment below and let me know.

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