Do you get too many emails from your clients? In this podcast episode, I shared a few ideas that you can use to prevent emails from consuming your day so you can focus more on important tasks.

Listen below.

1:14 – When I launched Future Firm ®, my goal was to eliminate as many meetings as possible.

1:31 – The next thing on my list is to virtually eliminate email, as I get way too many.

1:59 – How do you get your clients to stop emailing you directly?

2:57 – You need someone senior in your team to deal with more complex situations.

3:25 – In episode 59, I argued that you should be hiring someone senior so you can remove yourself from these sorts of situations.

3:47 – I recommend using a unified inbox or a help desk system.

4:51 – Explain the email address that your clients need to email into.

4:59 – Frame the benefits of using a help desk system to the clients.

5:34 – 100% of your clients should not have 100% direct access to you all the time.

6:00 – To know more about Accounting Help Desk Software to gain tighter control over your emails, listen to episode 22.

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