New platforms in the accounting world like QuickBooks Live and Taxfyle providing Uberized on-demand accounting, tax & bookkeeping services. Should this be a trend you pay attention to and how can your firm benefit from gig economy accounting?

I answer one of my reader’s questions on the subject in my recent Future Firm® Accounting Podcast episode.

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How Your Firm Can Benefit From Gig Economy Accounting

Show Notes

00:58 – Today’s question comes from Kenji Kuramoto of Acuity. His question is: “Hey Ryan. My question is around future trends in the profession. As the Uberization of Accounting has begun with platforms like QuickBooks Live & Taxfyle, what are firms doing about it? Are they choosing to compete, cooperate, or move out of the way?

1:30 – A description of what an Uberized service is.

2:40 – Why is the economy rising in popularity?

3:29 – What are firms doing about the rise of the gig economy accounting trend? I look at some stats coming out of Australia, specifically from CPA Australia’s My Firm My Future report.

4:29 – According to the report, almost 50% of firms less than 8 years old intend to leverage the gig economy to fill capacity at their firm in the next 5 years.

5:00 – Firm leaders now have a new option for sourcing talent on-demand to fill capacity gaps, skillset gaps and to help globalize your service offering.

5:55 – What can you do to leverage gig economy accounting in your firm today?

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