In-Person Better Than Remote, But…

If you’ve been with me for a while, you’re likely aware of my strong support for remote, asynchronous work.

In this episode, find out why this approach works for me, as well as some arguments against it.

Listen below.

0:33 My personal goal is to maintain a clear calendar, and I achieve this by minimizing or eliminating meetings.

1:58 I won’t deny that in-person work fosters closer relationships, which likely results in reduced employee turnover.

2:06 There’s a reason I brought my entire team to Bali, Indonesia last winter. We all need a human connection from time to time.

2:13 Ultimately, it all boils down to the type of business you want to operate and the preferred working style of both you and your clients.

2:47 If you enjoy meeting your clients in-person, absolutely go for it. Life isn’t always about efficiency.

2:59 Consider a hybrid approach, leveraging tiered pricing. Reserve in-person meetings for gold clients, while offering remote meetings for silver and bronze clients.

3:25 I’m presenting an alternative perspective that contrasts with my usual advocacy. Reflect on what matters most to you and adapt it accordingly.

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In-Person Better Than Remote, But…

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