Making Cybersecurity a Priority in 2024

Now more than ever, safeguarding your data and client information is crucial.

In this week’s episode, we’ll discuss the importance of prioritizing cybersecurity and why it should be a key focus this year.

Listen below.

0:39 As of late, advances in artificial intelligence have made me increasingly paranoid about cybersecurity.

0:46 I’ve been hearing more stories of firm owners getting scammed. Recently, a scammer accessed a firm owner’s payment account and made $60,000 in unauthorized payments within 24 hours.

1:10 AI can now perform voice cloning, producing audio that sounds almost identical to someone you know.

1:40 Essentially, it’s now easier than ever to get duped, which is what scares me the most.

1:57 The significant expenses associated with a business disruption have motivated me to prioritize cybersecurity rigorously.

2:43 At Future Firm, we hired a cybersecurity firm to perform a comprehensive assessment, train our team, and suggest processes and recommendations to keep us protected on an ongoing basis.

3:05 I’d recommend engaging cybersecurity experts to help you not only take into account the technology side of the business, but the people and process side of the business as well.

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Making Cybersecurity a Priority in 2024

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