My 6 Favorite Accounting Communities to Learn From

Accounting communities are a great place to share best practices, learn from others and collaborate with like-minded professionals. Below I share my favorite 6 accounting communities for modern accountants that I regularly frequent.

1:13 – Without an accounting community to learn from in the early days, I had no clue how to run a modern accounting firm when I started off.

2:54I wanted to highlight 6 of the accounting communities of various nature that I’m really enjoying at the moment in hopes that they’ll help you build a better business and a better life as well.

3:12 – First, I’m a fan of in-person conferences, like Xerocon.

3:49 – Next, The Workflow WateringHole group on Facebook run by Kellie Parks.

4:08 – Third, I discuss Practice Ignition’s free accounting community Slack group.

4:37 – Fourth, the Realize community.

4:55 – Fifth, the Future Firm ® Accelerate community with 200 modern, entrepreneurial, forward-thinking accountants.

5:47 – Last, a different approach for you to interact with, the TaxTwitter hashtag community on Twitter.

6:54 – These communities are low-cost or sometimes free and will definitely help you achieve your firm goals.

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My 6 Favorite Accounting Communities to Learn From

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  1. Ryan — Great list to follow-up to the accountant blogs list. Another suggestion in the same vein would be to cover email newsletters. If you choose to cover this, may I suggest ours — the Cloud App Newsletter by Client Hub 🙂

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