My Favorite Tool to Automate Candidate Screening

With the massive amount of talent available in the market right now, some firms are seeing a ton of applications to their firm. If you’re hiring, you might want to consider automating your candidate screening process.

It’s actually 1 of 11 firm automation tactics that I recommend.

In this podcast episode, I outline my favorite tool to achieve this, the problems it solves, and how I use it.

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0:30 – One big change happening in the accounting space: Supply & demand for talent has completely shifted with all recruitment efforts moving online.

1:45 – Here’s what my (and most other firms) candidate screening process looked like when I started my firm.

2:02 – The problem with most candidate screening processes: Tons of wasted time.

2:18 – My favorite app to reduce wasted time for screening candidates? Sparkhire.

2:22 – Here’s how Sparkhire works.

3:10 – I talk about the 3 important things that this tool accomplished.

4:10 – The biggest trick for making this work well: Proper question design in Sparkhire.

4:55 – I discuss why I think the timing is right to launch this in your firm now.

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My Favorite Tool to Automate Candidate Screening

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