New Service Idea: Time-Saving Accounting Audit

Many modern firms struggle to demonstrate how their use of automation and processes saves time for their potential clients.

In this episode, we’ll explore how to turn backend features into standout package offerings and market them effectively.

Listen below.

1:13 In today’s fast-paced world, saving clients time and making processes seamless is crucial. Demonstrating this will encourage clients to sign up, even at premium prices.

1:46 Many firms are either not optimizing their pricing strategies or losing deals to cheaper alternatives that appear similar on the surface but lack the same level of service behind the scenes.

1:58 I want to share how you can integrate a backend feature into your packages and position it as a unique selling point. For now, let’s call this service a “Time-Saving Accounting Audit.”

2:37 My goal is to formalize what firms are doing when it comes to process and technology improvement, so we can package this and market it to each and every one of your clients.

4:13 We’re elevating something you already do behind the scenes to a marketable forefront. Additionally, we can make this repeatable.

4:51 The processes you focus on should be client-facing. We’re not focused on your internal processes, such as setting up tasks in Karbon or Canopy.

6:20 Implementing this service showcases your expertise in automating and streamlining processes for clients, leading to increased deal success and higher prices, with reduced churn, as no other firms offer this.

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New Service Idea: Time-Saving Accounting Audit

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