There’s a new accounting marketing trend out right now and I’m not a huge fan. I state what it is, give my reasons why and what do look at instead.

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Show Notes

1:10 – There are tons of ads on Facebook targeting accountants with “get rich quick” tactics.

1:30 – This is what the Facebook ad marketing funnel tactic looks like.

1:53 – Too much emphasis on this tactic is dangerous for 5 reasons.

3:00 – Most of the firms you look up to are laser-focused on leveraging the fundamentals of a sound, long-term marketing strategy.

3:32 – First, properly identifying ideal clients.

4:05 – Second, making sure your positioning, value proposition and marketing are clear.

4:24 – Last, hammering that messaging away over and over again.

4:45 – Facebook ad marketing funnels can work but focus on the fundamentals in place first.

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Ryan Lazanis

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