Are you tired of working too hard for too little? In this episode, we’re going to talk about a common mistake that many businesses make – underpricing. Let’s explore why some firms fall into this trap and how to avoid it.

Listen below.

0:34 – In this episode, we delve into why some firms struggle with underpricing and how to avoid it to achieve better results.

1:20 – Good pricing strategies can lead to earning more while spending less time with clients, while poor pricing strategies can drag a firm down.

2:01 – Firm owners may feel guilty about raising prices for long-term clients and worrying about
their reputation.

3:22 – Hold your ground and communicate professionally to ensure a good business transaction for both parties.

3:35 – Some firms offer loaded service offerings to small businesses at a low price due to the limited affordability of their clients.

4:05 – I was coaching one firm. The firm was offering a great service but was not profitable, and price adjustment was the only solution.

4:54 – Charging the right price for your services is essential because it benefits both your firm and clients in the long run.


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