Did you start your firm to create a better life for yourself? Most do. But most don’t define what that “better life” means and as such they get stuck in the hamster wheel.

To escape the hamster wheel, you need to at least know where you want to go, which starts by defining your personal goals.

Check the episode to find out how:

Show Notes

0:43 – All firm owners start their firm to create a better life for themselves. The problem is that most don’t define what that “better life” looks like.

1:05 – Not defining my personal goals at the outset of creating my accounting firm was the single biggest mistake I made in the business.

1:45 – The beauty of owning your own business is that you can design a business that is consistent with your personal goals.

2:02 – I share an example of a firm that felt like they were on a hamster wheel but in fact, were already achieving some of their personal goals.

3:12 – There are a few questions you can ask yourself to define your personal goals.

5:37 – The point of this exercise is to define your personal goals to design your business around achieving them.

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