Process Improvement is Not a Top Priority

While process improvement is crucial in running your firm, you should not put it at the top of your priority list.

In this episode, find out why it shouldn’t be your second or third priority either.

Listen below.

0:35 Most firm owners aiming to streamline operations and reduce hours focus primarily on improving processes and leveraging better technology.

1:21 In episode 150, you’ll notice that process improvement is step 5 of 6 in creating a firm that can run without you.

1:32 It’s common for firm owners to overemphasize process improvement, spending excessive time tinkering with processes and experimenting with apps to gain marginal efficiency.

2:28 In all my private coaching sessions, you might be a bit surprised to know that I’ve never helped a firm implement a better process.

3:02 One very specific example is one of my coaching students who gained a 45% profit margin while working 40% fewer hours. Interestingly, he told me he still has almost no processes in place yet has achieved his goals.

4:09 When you have the right fundamentals and the right people in place, you can manage your processes efficiently with minimal time investment.

4:31 When you’re ready to focus on process improvement, be sure to check out episode 134 of this podcast for guidance on the best approach.

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Process Improvement is Not a Top Priority

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