Too often, we prioritize work over the finer things in life, which we might regret later.

This episode serves as a reminder to re-center and focus on what truly matters.

Listen below.

0:41 For some, their business can be all-consuming. I won’t pretend that I’ve mastered the art of separating work from personal life or integrating the two seamlessly.

1:06 We’ll never have complete, total control over our business. There will always be more to do, and we’ll always feel a step behind.

1:34 We often prioritize work over our personal lives, and if we don’t seize these opportunities now, we’ll regret it later.

1:45 If you find yourself not being present for the things that truly matter in life, it’s time to recognize that and make a conscious effort to dial things down.

2:25 What really needs to change is your level of engagement in the business.

02:30 I’m not saying re-centering yourself will solve all your problems, but putting things into perspective can help you step off the hamster wheel and be more present in what matters most.

2:45 One less email or a few less clients won’t hurt you, but losing precious moments is something you can never get back.

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