A Simple Way to Differentiate Your Firm

Ready to set your accounting firm apart from the rest? In today’s episode, learn how you can stand out from other accounting firms and charge more while providing added value to your clients.

Listen below.

0:34 – In this episode, I discussed how labeling and monthly packages devalue accounting services and create competition among firms.

1:15 – Many accounting firms use a 3-tiered approach with Gold, Silver, and Bronze plans, but the issue lies in labeling services as a list of tasks rather than a value-based offering.

1:53 – Lumping services with competitors leads to price competition and encourages clients to choose the cheapest option.

2:14 – Listing technical tasks in your promotional packages creates a mismatch with what clients want and need.

3:15 – Choose simple and attractive labels for your service to make it more valuable to customers.

4:05 – Eliminating or relabeling services to align with client benefits can help differentiate and increase revenue for your firm.

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A Simple Way to Differentiate Your Firm

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