5 Skills Required to Deliver Effective Virtual CFO Services

Offering virtual CFO services requires a specific skill set to deliver effective and profitable results. In this podcast episode, I’ll discuss the five important skills you need to be successful.

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0:44An effective virtual CFO service is valuable to your client, profitable to your firm, and can be delivered in a systematic manner.

1:15 – When you provide CFO services, you’re expected to deliver results and deliver an ROI.

1:46 – Clients need to see at least one of these results

2:21 – Providing virtual CFO services is not just about churning out work. 

2:40 – You’ll need good technical accounting skills to be able to discuss issues and opportunities.

3:19 – You’ll need strong data skills to interpret data and at times, manipulate data.

4:07 – You’ll need a strong business acumen and a strategic mindset.

5:29 – Good communication skills to get your point across and communicate the numbers or business side of things.

5:46 – The ability to demonstrate leadership to coach and lead your client to success.

6:21 – Having the right leadership skills are important because you’ll often need to challenge your clients.

7:06 – Even if you aren’t strong in all of these 5 skill categories, just tip your toe in and start slow and simple.

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5 Skills Required to Deliver Effective Virtual CFO Services

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