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Think of all the the 100’s and 1000’s of social media posts that you probably see each day. It’s easy to become numb and just mindlessly scroll your way through. That’s why I wanted to invite Katie Thomas on to the Future Firm® Accounting Podcast to discuss social media for accountants as she’s been an absolute force in this area.

With almost 10,000 Instagram followers, an incredibly active LinkedIn following, a Youtube channel, and featured on numerous accounting podcasts, Katie’s a CPA who has previously worked at the Big 4 and who now helps accountants and other professional service providers in the realms of technology, and more recently in branding and online marketing.

She has a super positive message and lots of tips and tricks when it comes to social media for accountants. How to drive engagement online, how to develop your personal brand for social media, which platforms work best, and great advice for accountants, CPA’s, and bookkeepers who want to get started on making an impact online.

Looking to cut through the noise online to connect with your ideal audience? Then give it a listen below 🙂

4:00 – How did Katie get into using social media for business?

5:08 – Katie was not trained in marketing, but had to learn the ropes as she launched her business. She talks about the time when it first clicked that social media was going to positively impact her business (and how she was nervous to get her first video post out).

7:25 – I was interested in Katie’s response when she said that she started with video as part of her social media marketing because video came across as natural to her. Katie expands on this thought by describing how accountants and firms can get started with social media marketing by playing to your strengths and by choosing the format and platform where you are the most comfortable.

9:36 – What is Katie’s goal when it comes to her social media marketing? Short answer: build trust with her audience. Check her full answer as it’s a good one and one that’s critical for connecting with your audience.

11:20 – Do you need a personal brand to make social media marketing work? Katie talks about its importance.

12:37 – Katie defines what a personal brand is, she talks about how she found her personal brand and how she ended up defining hers.

14:25 – I ask Katie if she has any tips for accountants who want to find or define their own personal brand. Katie gives several things to think about that are super helpful.

17:41 – There’s a lot of social media platforms out there (LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, etc). I was curious about what Katie’s favourite platforms are and which ones work best for her. She’s really enjoying LinkedIn for a particular audience and she’s testing Youtube to try and build an audience there as well.

18:55 – Katie shares her thoughts on whether she likes Instagram for accountants.

20:00 – How does your strategy have to change depending on the platform that you use?

22:08 – Katies talks about what social media engagement is and why it’s important to ensure that you have an engaged audience. Katie goes on to speak about not being discouraged early on if you have low engagement. She also gives a great tip to drive engagement on social media.

24:55 – Katie has tons of engagement on her social media posts. I ask Katie for her formula on social media engagement. A great answer that all accountants should hear.

27:35 – There’s a ton of noise on social media. I ask Katie how to cut through the noise and how to grab your audience’s attention on social media. Katie’s pro-tip: Authenticity and being yourself.

29:18 – Many accountants are nervous putting themselves out on social media. What are some ways to get over this?

32:18 – For those that are nervous about social media marketing, how can someone get their feet wet and get started? Some good tips here…

35:15 – Katies shares her successes and failures with regards to her own social media marketing initiatives.

39:02 – Katie spoke a few times during the podcast about “showing up” on social media. How often do you need to show up on social media to be effective?

41:55 – What are the big social media marketing no-no’s for accountants? (On the flip side, if you’re curious about an interesting marketing tactic by the Big 4, click here).

45:25 – Social media can do more than just acquiring new business, it can actually help with attracting talent as well. Katie shares her perspective.

48:52 – Who does Katie follow online for social media inspiration?

49:30 – Katie chats about some of the apps she may recommend for social media management.

50:36 – Where can you follow Katie? She’s on all the main social media platforms, just search for Katie Thomas, CPA! Or feel free to visit her website here.

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Social Media for Accountants – Awesome Tips & Tricks

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