The Cloud Accounting Podcast: Tips On Starting Your Own Podcast

Blake Oliver and David Leary are the 2 co-hosts behind the popular Cloud Accounting Podcast, one of the most popular accounting podcasts at the moment.

I had the chance to speak with them to get their tips and tricks for how accounting firms can start a successful podcast of their own.

See below for some quick tips, why starting a podcast at your firm makes sense and the actual podcast interview.

What is the Cloud Accounting Podcast?

cloud accounting podcastThe Cloud Accounting Podcast is an accounting news round-up with Blake & David sharing their thoughts on various stories happening at the moment. Episodes are usually released twice per week.

Benefits of Having a Podcast at Your Firm

While most firms think about starting a podcast purely for lead generation, there are 2 other key benefits that are discussed during the episode.

The first is that it can help with the recruitment of talent. David gives an example of The Bean Ninjas Podcast. In some episodes, they have given an inside look at their own firm. This helps candidates see your unique culture and connect with your firm in ways that aren’t possible otherwise. We discuss this further at 28:28 in the episode.

Second, a podcast can further deepen your existing client relations. The more touchpoints you have with your clients, the more likely your clients are going to be attached to your brand. Blake discusses this at 32:13.

So, as you can see, podcasts at your firm can be used for more than just marketing to new clients. If marketing to new clients is your main interest, you might also enjoy my episode on social media for accountants and the best tips and tricks.

Tips for Starting Your Own Accounting Podcast

During the podcast episode, Blake & David share a few of their best tips if you’re looking to start a podcast at your firm.

I’ll list a few here:

Tip 1: Don’t give up early. In fact, it took Blake & David dozens of episodes to find their own voice. David mentions that the majority of podcasts die after 7 episodes, likely because people give up due to lack of traction.

Tip 2: Focus on audio quality. While all you really need is a cell phone to record a podcast, spend a bit of money on a decent microphone. We all use the Blue Yeti mic and it’s only about $100.

Tip 3: Learn some basic editing skills. Or, outsource your editing. Discussed more at minute 39.

Tip 4: Choose a podcast theme early on, but be prepared to switch it up down the road.

Tip 5: Don’t sweat it if you’re not getting any listeners early on. Discussed further at 24:20.

Tip 6: Prepare for your podcast episode, but don’t overprepare. Listen to what Blake has to say at 36:20.

Listen to the Cloud Accounting Podcast Interview

3:20 – David gives a quick rundown of what their podcast is about.

5:54 – Blake & David share their story on how they got into podcasting.

8:42 – Why is podcasting exploding as a medium? Blake shares some stats and thoughts on why.

12:05 – What do you need to create your own podcast? David says that technically, you just really need your phone. Blake shares what the Cloud Accounting Podcast’s hardware and software setup consist of.

14:55 – Don’t neglect audio quality. David explains why.

17:28 – I ask David & Blake about the importance of podcast themes and formats when starting out. We also talk about different kinds of podcast formats.

23:00 – What’s the hardest thing about starting a podcast?

24:20 – If you’re not getting any listeners on your podcast, no sweat. Blake shares why.

26:23 – Firms can see some interesting benefits of having a podcast. Blake & David dive into it.

28:38 – Podcasts can be used for more than just lead generation. They can also be used to help with the recruitment of staff. On the topic of recruitment, check out this top 25 firm’s awesome recruitment video to attract accounting talent.

30:00 – How do you get people listening to your podcast?

32:13 – Blake says that you should also think of the podcast as a way to stay in touch with existing clients.

34:40 – Wha are big podcast no-nos?

36:20 – We chat about what’s recommended for podcast preparation.

39:00 – Blake chats about the basics of podcast editing.

44:45 – Which accounting firms are putting out good podcasts?

46:45 – Blake & David share their favorite podcasts outside of accounting.

50:50 – We talk about podcast trends that you should watch out for.

53:10 – What’s next for the Cloud Accounting Podcast and how can people follow along? Also, be sure to subscribe to their podcast here to catch all the latest episodes.

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The Cloud Accounting Podcast: Tips On Starting Your Own Podcast

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